2579 Week 1 Recap

  • Giselle Galindo
  • Wednesday, Jan 23, 2019

The first week passed by so quickly that it just seems so little time is left for building season, kick-off feels like it was ages ago. However we managed to get so much done in one week that we don’t even know what we can get done until the following week, that’s just so mind-blowing to think about. Our students built the rocket from the playing field and soon the HP station will be done as well, once our robot is complete drivers can start practicing immediately. New members are also learning new skills from mentors, seniors, and our alumni. Students are learning elements of CAD, wiring, and programming making them prepared for whatever comes for them in the future. The team’s CNC router is making amazing designs for the robot and even custom 3D parts are being printed, our mechanisms will be unimaginable and we will be ready for what can come our way. However, this is only week one and we still have a way to go until competition.